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Natural disasters, humanitarian crises or big sports events are noticed by children. It is important to explain the top news appropriately for children, in a pedagogic and playful way to help them understand difficult issues.

Our offer also contains reports about topics such as animals, nature, technology, music, movies, stars and history. All stories are specifically tailored for the young audience.

Playfully crafted news stories are also an excellent way to increase children's knowledge about highly relevant societal issues. These may include for example violence prevention, school education, women's rights and the fight against racism.

Every week, our editors write around a dozen pieces including explanatory features as well as interviews with experts. They focus on the most important events worldwide and explain them in detail to their audience of 10 to 12 year olds.

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  • Why we must consider children when reporting on crisis?
  • Where to draw the line when it comes to reporting on terrorism
  • How do children respond to terrorist attacks?

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The News for Kids service is produced in different media formats: Apart from text the offer also contains pictures and graphics.

  • news for kids gallery_clean watergalery
    On Madagascar clean water is a luxury

    A poor district in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The garbage is put on the roads. Often it is also thrown in the water canals or small ponds in front of the houses.

  • news for kids gallery_Brexit_flags
    Many people talk about Brexit

    British flags are sold in Berlin when Queen Elizabeth II. and her husband visit Germany for the fifth time. Some people are campaigning for Britain's EU exit.

  • news for kids gallery_catfish
    The special catfish

    The fish without eyes. Two specimen of the catfish prietella phreatophila, found in a deep limestone cave in Del Rio, Texas.

  • news for kids gallery_Christiano Ronaldo
    Christiano Ronaldo

    Football-star Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal takes a penalty in the group match versus Austria in the Euro 2016.

  • news for kids gallery_yoga for kids
    World Yoga Day

    Pupils of the Indian town Bangalore are sitting in the Lotus position on the World Yoga Day on the 19th of June.


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