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High quality modern consumer news.

Reliable consumer news can be hard to find: dpa trends offers factual and PR-free information.

Today’s consumers are eager for the best the world can offer them: dpa trends provides unbiased news on stylish shopping, healthy living and the digital tomorrow.

Every week, dpa trends delivers 50 absorbing items of consumer news accompanied by pictures and optional web links. All are supplied ready to upload to your web-site or to print on your consumer pages and weekend supplements.

dpa’s experienced journalists in Germany and worldwide whittle down a flood of news to the core information that every day readers around the world seek such as: what to eat, how to stay good-looking and healthy, what car to drive, who to follow online and where to go on holiday.

Available categories are Cars & Driving, the Digital World, Leisure & Lifestyle, Health & Science and Travel & Events.

dpa trends, delivered via an online platform, covers cars, consumer electronics and software, internet trends, digital games, health and popular science, fashion, interior desig, skin and hair-care,
travel destinations, cinema and major books and internationally important art shows.

All stories are accompanied by pictures.

  • dpa trends galery_health_jogger
    Occasional blood-pressure checks could be a lifesaver, doctors say

    Even people who feel perfectly healthy should occasionally have their blood pressure measured, doctors are saying, because high pressure is not usually something you can sense yourself.

  • dpa trends galery_coffee capsule
    Filters, pads and capsules - the many ways to a coffee lover's dreams

    There are any number of coffee-maker devices to brew a good cup of coffee, but which is best?

  • dpa trends gallery_gaming equipment
    Gaming with all the trimmings: The basic equipment you need

    Today’s computer games are more diverse than ever. But the greatest enjoyment is only achieved with the best equipment.

  • dpa trends gallery_raw or vergan_burger fries
    Raw or vegan: what really motivates people to adopt trendy diets?

    Scientific research suggests diet trends may not be really driven by the desire to change the world as the food faddists proclaim.

  • dpa trends gallery_how to take pictures_sunset
    Those majestic mountains: Tips on taking the best pictures

    Craggy rock formations, a deep-blue sky, green meadows: But why don't those pictures you take quite capture that powerful moment?

  • dpa trends gallery_car wash
    Rain sensors and park mode make for potential chaos in car-wash

    As practical as they are, sometimes driving assistance systems can also cause problems.

dpa trends in brief

Only trustworthy commentators


The given tips are affordable, sometimes dreamily aspirational and always lively, intelligent and honest.



Number of articles and categories


Every week, dpa trends delivers around 50 absorbing items of consumer news.

Which are the topics?


Available categories

  • Cars & Driving
  • Digital World
  • Leisure & Lifestyle
  • Health & Science
  • Travel & Events

All the trends in fashion, lifestyle, cars, IT, modern living, architecture among many more.



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